Weaving Memories(编织记忆)

Rice straws, bamboo sticks, 50*125cm, 10.2020 (秸秆,竹签)

Under the influence of consuming economy, some craft skills have been gradually disappearing. About 2 decades ago, most of the villagers knew the craft skill, weaving straw shoes. However, nowadays, it’s rare to see the scene that some troops of people produce straw shoes in the land. I braid a scarf with a rice straw rope which is hand-rolled by myself, showing what the rural life was before, for reminding people’s awareness about the fast pace of current life.
( 在消费经济的影响下,一些传统的手工技艺正逐渐消失。大概20多年前,大多数村民知道怎编织草鞋。但,如今很少见到人们在地里编织草鞋的场景。我用稻草手工编织一条围巾,展示过去的农村生活,提醒人们关注当前快节奏的生活。)