RijksOpen 2022 (荷兰皇家视觉艺术驻地工作室开放)


Being given a piece of land by Rijksacademie, I create a garden foundation under the rules ( walking path: 35-40cm, soil depth: 15-20cm) regulated by the farmers from my village. I expect to: bring people's familiar experiences related to land and soil together, evoke their consideration about the current life.
(被Rijksakademie分配一块土地,我按照我村里的农民给的规划土地的标准“间隔:35-40cm, 土深度:15-20cm”, 来创建了自己的园。我希望通过作品,将观众关于土地的熟悉的经历集合,唤醒人们对现今生活的思考)