Paradise Garden.111 (快乐园子.111)

Installation mixed with drawings, 12.2018 (绘画户外装置)

In the winter, the local farmers in my village, Shijian village, in the south of China ,always build up some small greenhouses for protecting their vegetables in the gardens. These days, I work in the garden, ’s-Hertogenbosch. I have found farmers there cover their land with non-woven fabric in the cold weather. According to the idea “greenhouse”, I have collected the used-fabrics from them and “plant” vegetables on the fabrics with charcoal. In the end, I make a sculpture with the fabrics: Paradise Garden.111, during the witte rook residency at Liniestraat 111, Breda.
( 冬天,在中国南方,我家乡“石涧村”的农民时常会建一些小型的温棚来保护地里的蔬菜。这些天,我在’s-Hertogenbosch的一块菜地里劳作。我发现周围的农民在寒冷的天气里用无纺布来覆盖他们的土地。更具这个“温室”的想法,我从他们那搜集了一些用过的无纺布,用木炭将蔬菜“种”在布上。最后在布雷达liniestraat111的witterook驻留的期间创作了户外装置:快乐园子.111。)